Let’s create the next pandemic

Let’s create the next pandemic

Imagine you make French fries. But instead of simply cutting potatoes and frying them, you first dry the potatoes, grind them, and from that flour (and water, salt, emulgator) you shape fries, that you then freeze and eventually fry them. That wouldn’t make a lot of sense, would it?

Still, that is what we do when we eat meat. Instead of simply eating available food, we first give it to animals,  grow them, butcher them, cut them to pieces (or even process them further, to create sausages and what not), and then finally eat the animals. That actually doesn’t make a lot of sense, if you think about it. And the same goes for dairy consumption, obviously.

Let’s do a bit of 1+1=2.

1. This cultural habit of sending nutrition on a detour through animal farming is extremely inefficient. Scientists have calculated that if we would stop insisting on getting our proteins from animals, and instead would consume plant proteins, the world wide surface of agricultural lands could be reduced by… (drum roll) 75 % ! Seventy-five percent <mind blown> Deforestation would shrink by 94 % !!!!!

1. Lethal viruses like Ebola and Covid have been transmitted from animals to humans because the habitat of wild animals shrinks so rapidly. Why does it shrink? Because of animal farming (see the previous point). If we wouldn’t destroy nature so much, these viruses would stay with the wild animals and would not get the chance to mutate into viruses that kill humans, simply because the infected animals would not be in contact with humans. And it doesn’t stop there. People have already died from bird flu – a virus that exists because of animal farming. We program our own death in so many ways, simply by insisting to eat meat and dairy!

1+1 = if you eat meat or dairy, you are (together with your fellow meat/dairy eaters) responsible for lethal pandemics. 

Ouch, that hurts, doesn’t it? At this very moment your head is filling with “But we need proteins!” “Meat tastes so good!” “How about vitamin B12?” “I am a manly man, so I need to drink beer and eat meat!” 

Let me address those: proteins are widely available in plant-based food. Yes meat can taste great – but is your instant satisfaction more important than the health of the world? There are vegan B12-pills available; to me that seems a better option than more pandemics. If you want to be a manly man, then impress us by taking responsibility rather than by eating meat and dairy.

If you are into science, then know that all statements that I made here are widely backed up by scientific research.

If you’re not into science, then just remember this: if you eat meat or dairy, then don’t complain at the next round of forced vaccinations. It’s your own fault.